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Bringing Feedback to the Forefront

Finding Nemo Seagulls
Mine?! Mine?! Yours.

One of Steve Jobs’s legacies lives on at Pixar Animation Studios. Much like Apple, Pixar creates a unique, organic culture resulting in incredible, award-winning animated films. How do they do it?


Pixar prides themselves on constant feedback, a concept discussed in this Harvard Business Review article. Peers provide candid thoughts and recommendations throughout the movie-making process. Sometimes, Pixar will scrap an entire sequence or storyline based on internal team discussion.


How can feedback play a role in your life? I experienced an incredible session of feedback today while practicing for next week’s talk at Syracuse University. I shared the entire talk and presentation in front of my teammates (HBers), who provided straightforward feedback that will result in a better speech.


The best way to improve your product, brand or service? Share. As much as possible. Have a design that isn’t complete? Or the first few pages of a screenplay? Or maybe the first draft of a video blog? Share, share, share. A culture of sharing results in the best possible work. Just look at Pixar.

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