Gametime is a show that recaps ESPN’s “The Last Dance,” a documentary series about the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls. Cohost Dave Merriell and I review episodes, feel old, and get nostalgic about 1990s basketball.

Episode 5: MJ was Inevitable

Download episode. Recorded 5.18.20.

Your favorite ‘90s hoops fans finish out coverage of “The Last Dance” through discussions of the ‘97 and ‘98 seasons. The examine the Pacers, the Jazz, and game six’s perfect ending. Dave & Justin also touch on the series as a whole including an imperfect ending. Contains explicit language.

Episode 4: A Tyrant to Himself

Download episode. Recorded 5.11.20.

Dave & Justin review the crazy story that is Michael Jordan’s life – from his father’s murder to playing baseball to his comeback. They also touch on Jordan’s “motivation” techniques, “Space Jam” pickup games, and the price of winning. And where was the Shawn Kemp love? Contains explicit language.

Episode 3: The MJ Outfit

Download episode. Recorded 5.4.20.

The fellas share laughs regarding Jordan’s “style” but pay homage to the culture of sneakers. They also touch on the documentary series’s music, Kobe, great teams of the 90s, and Jordan’s always-on competition. Contains explicit language.

Episode 2: Straight Up Bitches

Download episode. Recorded 4.27.20.

The gents discuss episodes 3 and 4 of “The Last Dance,” focusing on Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson. They also touch on the 90s Cavaliers, Lakers, Doug Collins, and some fantastic cameos. Big thanks to Horace Grant for the immediately obvious episode title. Contains explicit language.

Episode 1: The Reeducation of MJ

Download episode. Recorded 4.20.20.

Dave & Justin discuss the first two episodes of ESPN’s “The Last Dance,” remembering the sheer dominance of Michael Jordan. They also touch base on MJ’s love of golf, the state of the game in the 80s and 90s, and the brilliance of Scottie Pippen. Contains explicit language.