The Season

The Season dives deep into the stories, numbers, and significance behind history’s most transcendent seasons by individual athletes. Listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Barry Sanders (1997)

Download episode. Released 1.18.21

This time on The Season, we dive into Barry Sanders’s record breaking 1997 season. We review the week-by-week results, the streak of 100-yard games, and Barry’s many accolades in his penultimate season as a pro. 

Ted Williams (1946)

Download episode. Released 1.3.21.

On this episode of The Season, we review the incredible post-war 1946 season of baseball’s Ted Williams. We look at his return from the military, the gaudy numbers, the Red Sox march to the World Series, and what might have been during his first MVP campaign.

Tiger Woods (2000)

Download episode. Released 12.13.20.

On this episode of The Season, we revisit the unparalleled 2000 season of Tiger Woods. We look at his incredible year prior, the swing change, his flurry of victories, and how it defined the peak of his career.  

Serena Williams (2013)

Download episode. Released 11.29.20.

On the premiere episode of The Season, we review the incredible 2013 campaign of Serena Williams. We cover the years prior, Serena’s crucial career decision, her week-to-week results, and what it all meant to the tennis world.