Two Minute Stories

Two Minute Stories is my playground for short fiction writing and experimenting – it’s incredibly satisfying as a creative outlet. Learn more at the project website or listen to my brief tales of fiction on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Simplecast.

The Season

The Season dives deep into the stories, numbers, and significance behind history’s most transcendent seasons by individual athletes. Listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Gametime is a show that recaps ESPN’s “The Last Dance,” a documentary series about the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls. Cohost Dave Merriell and I review episodes, feel old, and get nostalgic about 1990s basketball.

The Design Game

The podcast medium is a great canvas for creativity. I used to co-host “The Design Game,” a show about the role of design in sports, with my good friend Dave. Have a listen to the archived episodes.

Jordan 11 Concord


I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with all things kicks. Take a look at my collection.

Cheryl and Justin

Wedding Invitations

I’ve had the pleasure of working with several friends and family members on wedding invitations for their big day — I’ve experienced great joy in helping those close to me (while honing my design skills). Check out some of my favorites.

Ridder Cup

The Ridder Cup

I love to play golf, especially when it involves teams. Once a year, I host the Ridder Cup – a team golf tournament with family and friends at our local course. It’s a blast!

Worth My Time

I keep my movie reviews purposefully brief at Worth My Time, where I measure a film based on amount of time worth investing relative to runtime. For what it’s worth, “Field of Dreams” is my all-time favorite movie and earns a score of 100%.