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The joy of publishing

I published a book. It’s called “Train to Nowhere” and it collects the first 100 tales from my podcast, “Two Minute Stories.”

What a strange paragraph!

Publishing a book has long been on my bucket list – it’s incredibly satisfying that I can say I’m a published author. Having said that, the bar for entry is quite low. In the same way podcasting doesn’t require much more than an internet connection and an idea, publishing a book doesn’t require much more than an internet connection, formatting, and an idea.

That’s one of two things I found most interesting during the process of publishing: the time required to properly format. Since I was aiming for speed, I published “Train to Nowhere” exclusively to Amazon’s Kindle platform. My two big learnings:

  1. Since all of the text for my book was previously written for “Two Minute Stories,” my time was invested in both understanding how to publish to Kindle and formatting for Kindle. There are several ways to do this, but I chose to use HTML. I’m fortunate to feel comfortable coding (and yes, you could argue I coded a book).
  2. Again, the bar for entry is quite low. Amazon makes it easy to publish to Kindle. More importantly, I learned that the idea of a “book” is quite light. There are plenty of examples on Kindle that don’t fit nicely into the traditional definition of a book.

Similarly, the term “publish” is quite light. Thanks to many new technology platforms, I can publish a post, article, podcast, book, and more with minimal effort. But although publishing is relatively easy when compared to its history, the satisfaction of doing so still feels great.