Christmas Cribbage Tutorial

Here are the steps you’ll need to take in order to participate in the 2020 Pearl Ridder Invitational.

Before Christmas

  1. Download Cribbage HD from Apple’s App Store. It costs $5.99. Yes, that sounds like a lot for an app, but this is the Pearl Ridder Invitational after all.
  2. Open the app to make sure it works.

On Christmas Day

If you’re being invited to a game

  1. Simply keep an eye on your Messages app and accept the invitation to play.

If you’re inviting someone to a game

Launch the app and tap “Multiplayer.”

Tap “Invite.”

Select “Automatic Count.” This will help the game go quicker.

Tap “Add.”

In the “To:” field, enter the name of your opponent. This assumes your opponent is one of the contacts already in your phone.

Tap your opponent’s name.

Tap “Invite and Start.” This will send a text message to your opponent with a link to join your game.

Once the invite is sent, the Cribbage HD app will wait for your opponent to accept before launching your game. Good luck!