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A blank page. Quite intimidating. Where can we find the inspiration to craft meaningful content, visuals, or information?


Grab a peer. Ask for help. Show a family member. Often, our creations are self-centered. An alternate point of view can provide an unaffected opinion on your layout or draft. Even if the feedback is “bad,” it provides an opportunity to enhance your work.


Lean on news sources and creative aggregators for help. Every day, I view successful designs on The Dieline, Swiss Legacy, and Brand New (to name a few). Even if your working on a non-package, non-poster, or non-logo, a design can help to inspire. In addition, it helps to read about successful campaigns or initiatives. We Heart, T Magazine, and Design Envy are excellent aggregators of interesting projects across architecture, design, and fashion.

The Web

Why not ask your favorite design or content communities for their thoughts? Dan Cederholm’s Dribbble provides an open environment for sharing ongoing designs. You can also rely on Twitter and Facebook to review your work as well – your communities are salivating for new content to devour.

Other inspiring collectives: AisleOne, FormFiftyFive, It’s Nice That, and Motionographer.

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