Going Green… On the Green

From the HB Blog

I thoroughly enjoy sports, especially golf (above: my recent trip to Torrey Pines in San Diego with my family). I also enjoy “doing the right thing,” especially when it comes to the environment.

Several sports franchises feel the same way and developed the Green Sports Alliance – a collective group working to reduce the environmental impact of their teams and venues. Their most recent news surrounds FedEx Field in Washington, D.C., home to the NFL’s Redskins. The organization plans to install solar panels in its parking lots which will power the field on non-game days and dramatically decrease the energy needed for home games. Even more impressive, the recently-founded Alliance has quickly quadrupled in size thanks to the addition of our hometown Red Sox and other franchises.

As a Sox fan, I proudly root for the players on the field… and soon I will proudly root for a team that is “doing the right thing.”

An additional thought: I know that golf in particular can be hard on the environment. Read my previous post about how Justin Timberlake sets a new standard for eco-friendly golf, and if you’re a golfer, join me in asking for environmentally conscious practices at your local golf course.

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