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A Better You

Somewhere in the world, there exists a version of you who has all your skills… but does everything better. This person designs better, writes better, develops better, and strategizes better. How do you compete?

Develop Quality with Quantity

The brilliant Chris Brogan recently wrote about focus. In the post, Brogan argues the power of less – by stopping certain tasks (even some you may enjoy), opportunities arise. Doing less results in accomplishing more.

“At its root, focus is about less. There can’t be two #1 priorities…. It’s simple. It’s about less. (Want a hint about less? Check out The Power of Less.)”

Stop Flinching

Another way to defeat the better you: develop a higher pain threshold. Julien Smith, who released “The Flinch” for a free digital download this week, reminds us that pain and challenges must exist in order to develop your best work.

“Because you are a human being, you are programmed to settle in one way or another, and breaking that programming will hurt. Get used to it– it’s the only way to make something exceptional.”

You 2.0

Focus. Do less. Develop a tolerance and confidence in times of pain and challenge. These suggestions will help you crush you work no matter the obstacle.

The better you is shakin’ in his boots.

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