Focus is happiness – what I learned from Ikea

Ikea prides itself on “functional home furnishing products,” building a massive business and in-store experience in the United States since 1985. Some of its most successful products include storage systems that organize anything from office supplies to baby clothes into well-designed compartments, buckets, and racks. But here’s the thing about well-conceived storage: you get the […]

Tweeting a 5K

Today marks my five thousandth tweet sent through Twitter, a social information network that I joined April 16, 2009. In those 1,315 days, I’ve come to value Twitter for far more than a tool for sharing my latest meal. Direct connections Twitter allows me to engage directly with some of my favorite authors, creative thinkers, […]

What’s new?

From the HB Blog At last week’s UnPanel at FutureM, the topic of discovery dominated the conversation. In a marketing world with strong social ties, folks shared their thoughts on today’s discovery tools – specifically how people find new music. Spotify, iTunes, and other music services offer their versions of new music through “related artists” tools. A user […]

What happened to my big-screen TV?

From the HB Blog The big-screen, flat-panel television: an in-home entertainment game changer. More pixels and high-definition signals created amazing, high-quality images for television shows and movies. These TVs became commonplace in many homes where bigger is better. Larger dimensions create a better experience when watching a sporting event, concert, or movie. Size matters. So […]