Book ‘em

Having converted to a public transportation commuter in September, I’ve had the immense pleasure of reading a lot more than I typically would. Since Labor Day, I’ve read 11 novels, 9 non-fiction books, and 18 graphic novels. Here are my top recommendations: The Giver by Lois Lowry Seemingly everyone except me read this in high […]

Renting vs. owning: A shift in content consumption

From the HB Blog A recent Google+ post from Jeremiah Owyang read: “You for rent: I can rent your HOUSE with AirBnB. I can rent your CAR with GetAround. I can rent your TIME and EXPERTISE with taskrabbit, crowdflower. What else can we rent in the future? What’s left?” Owyang focuses on a shift in user behavior over the […]

The new publishing

From the HB Blog Gone are the days where writers and content creators needed a publishing house to help them distribute their latest work. Today, a piece of content can be shared effortlessly through a company’s web site or social media channel(s). Where does that leave books? Going digital eBooks exploded over the past couple […]


My sister kindly bought me the Steve Jobs biography for Christmas (thanks Lu!). Naturally, the beginning of the book retells Jobs’s earlier years – specifically, his concentration on Zen Buddhism and the self. Although I do not consider myself a Zen Buddhist, the end of the calendar year offers unique opportunities to ask self-facing questions. […]

Hitting the Books

As a student, I read because it was an assignment (see: Wuthering Heights). As a young adult, I read becuase it was an adventure (see: Sin City). Now, as a professional, I read becuase it is a necessary part of intellectual and career development. Lately I’ve made myself famillar with technical books, including A Book […]