The new publishing

From the HB Blog Gone are the days where writers and content creators needed a publishing house to help them distribute their latest work. Today, a piece of content can be shared effortlessly through a company’s web site or social media channel(s). Where does that leave books? Going digital eBooks exploded over the past couple […]


My sister kindly bought me the Steve Jobs biography for Christmas (thanks Lu!). Naturally, the beginning of the book retells Jobs’s earlier years – specifically, his concentration on Zen Buddhism and the self. Although I do not consider myself a Zen Buddhist, the end of the calendar year offers unique opportunities to ask self-facing questions. […]

Bringing Feedback to the Forefront

One of Steve Jobs’s legacies lives on at Pixar Animation Studios. Much like Apple, Pixar creates a unique, organic culture resulting in incredible, award-winning animated films. How do they do it? Feedback Pixar prides themselves on constant feedback, a concept discussed in this Harvard Business Review article. Peers provide candid thoughts and recommendations throughout the […]


As a creative, Steve Jobs’s leadership in the design of Apple’s products greatly influenced my career path. Perhaps more importantly, Jobs helped to develop an amazing culture at Apple – one that will continue to define the company he helped create. Rest in peace.