A new venture

In November, I reached out to good friend David Merriell about starting a podcast. I had been feeling creatively unsatisfied for some time and wanted to explore a new outlet. We knew we wanted to discuss something of which we both enjoyed and were knowledgable. Through a suggestion from David, we settled on the idea of discussing the role of design in sports. After a couple of name changes, The Design Game was born.

Design Everyday

My morning routine involves a repeatable, sequential order: take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, style my hair, and get in my car. The entire process takes 40-60 minutes, depending upon the cooperation of my daughter. Seems like a normal morning, right?

Bon Iver poster series

For far too long, I’ve wanted to design a poster series around an album. Bon Iver’s second studio album, “Bon Iver,” served as a great subject. It’s a tightly edited, beautiful album that’s both simplistic and complex. I wanted to match the calming nature of the album with a minimalistic approach to the posters.

5 things I would change about my design school experience

Newhouse designers! If my four years at Syracuse University represented an authentic design experience, your time at the Newhouse School will be fantastic. But nearly 10 years after graduating, here’s what I would do differently if I enrolled today.

Let’s get personal

Steven Pressfield’s post on culture hit me at the perfect time. In it, he talks of institutional culture (Apple, NASCAR, The Marines)… but more importantly, the power of personal culture.