Measuring Fatherhood

“Hey Dad… you wanna have a catch?” The penultimate line in “Field of Dreams” makes grown men weep – and that’s exactly what I did when I recently watched the movie for the first time since I became a father. The father/son storyline reminds me of my own father, a man I love. I’ve often […]

The Itch

I took several interviews in July and August, most of them in Boston. I hadn’t traveled into the city as much as I did when I was young and fun… but there it was again. The Itch. There’s something about a city – be it Boston or any other major metropolis – that exudes an […]


My maternal grandmother, Pearl, passed away unexpectedly last week. Although the news was difficult to hear – and will take me a long time to fully grasp – the outpouring of support for Pearl at her services earlier this week was brilliant. Grandma touched a lot of lives and many of them paid their respects […]

Jabil In-store Diagnostic Tool

UI and kiosk graphics design for a mobile device in-store diagnostic tool for Jabil. Also made significant contributions to strategy, field research, and customer journey UX development. Video shows visualization of customer journey and experience.


I no longer work for HB. The reasons aren’t important – what’s important is my relationship with HB for nearly 6.5 years. The company – especially the Creative team – have watched me grow from a boy into (arguably) a man as I bought a house, got married, and became a father. The “trifecta” of life events were all shared with my HB family.