I’m Justin, a designer, writer, and show runner working for Fidelity Investments.

Note: I have deleted my Instagram and Medium accounts. Looking to get a hold of me? 

Two Minute Stories

Two Minute Stories is my playground for short fiction writing and experimenting – it’s incredibly satisfying as a creative outlet. Learn more at the project website or listen to my brief tales of fiction on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Simplecast.


Fidelity Investments

For my day job, I call Fidelity Investments my home. I’ve had the good fortune of working there since early 2015. There, I help Fidelity’s millions of customers reach their financial goals.

The Season

The Season dives deep into the stories, numbers, and significance behind history’s most transcendent seasons by individual athletes. Listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Ridder Cup

The Ridder Cup

New: Team Cornish wins the 2021 Ridder Cup!

I love to play golf, especially when it involves teams. Once a year, I host the Ridder Cup – a team golf tournament with family and friends at our local course. It’s a blast!

  • The joy of publishing
    I published a book. It’s called “Train to Nowhere” and it collects the first 100 tales from my podcast, “Two Minute Stories.” What a strange paragraph! Publishing a book has long been on my bucket list – it’s incredibly satisfying that I can say I’m a published author. Having said that, the bar for entry is […]