I’m Justin, a designer, writer, and show runner working for Fidelity Investments.

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Two Minute Stories

Two Minute Stories is my playground for short fiction writing and experimenting – it’s incredibly satisfying as a creative outlet. Learn more at the project website or listen to my brief tales of fiction on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Simplecast.


Fidelity Investments

For my day job, I call Fidelity Investments my home. I’ve had the good fortune of working there since early 2015. There, I help Fidelity’s millions of customers reach their financial goals.

Ridder Cup

The Ridder Cup

I love to play golf, especially when it involves teams. Once a year, I host the Ridder Cup – a team golf tournament with family and friends at our local course. It’s a blast!

The Design Game

The podcast medium is a great canvas for creativity. I used to co-host “The Design Game,” a show about the role of design in sports, with my good friend Dave. Have a listen to the archived episodes.

From the blog

  • What time is it?
    Gametime, hoo! I’m happy to share a new show with you. My former The Design Game cohost Dave Merriell and I have launched Gametime, a show that discusses ESPN’s The Last Dance. As I mentioned last week, our world’s current constraints make for excellent opportunities to scratch that creative itch. Gametime is a limited series […]